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Would you like to know your future, do you have questions about love, money, life issues, family, or your direction in life, maybe you wish to know your purpose, do you have a dream or ambition that you would like to hear more about, then maybe 'The Medium' service can be of help to you...Please see 'Pricing' for more info

Summer In Eeerie Cove
Mrs Kendringham was a tubby stout particular kind of woman and I can see the guest house I am to stay is perfect and particular also, hanging baskets a flower garden, the rooms have lavender pillow sachets, the bathroom is quaint and intimate with a washer dresser in the bedroom for mornings, it was as if time stood still, the menu was simple poultry and sea food that were as delicious as the allotment salad bowl, it really is quite a treat, she kept strict hours you had to be in by 9 pm or be locked out, I don't really do night life since I split from my husband. I take solace in the daylight hours where the sun shines most, the guest house was 18th century, the walks were plenty and life is simple, I would walk by the sea peer amid the rocks late in the afternoon before returning back to the guest house for my evening meal. I am not sure why but I longed intently to be at the Cove, as if the usual reasons are not enough, concerning the beauty of coves and why one would want to visit such incredible beauty, so after checking in I take the old slip road down to the beach. I walk again amid the rock pools darting between rocks trying not to fall into the water, there is no wind and the sky is bright and Azure Blue, I look around me the sea water is flat as a millpond, I know no one else is with me, there is a calm and tranquil air and I move off a rock and step further into the water, which is lapping around my thighs; Suddenly I hear a whisper, yet I am still alone, I catch the shape of the sound but I cannot make out the words, proceeding to walk forward into the water, in that moment, I hear again the sound being much clearer this time, ''Free me'' it sounds much like a female voice echoing as a whisper and I find my mind is a blaze my attention is keener than it has ever been, I sense I am not alone, like I can see someone in the corner of my eye...More...

The Water Wheel House
Growing up around the Hills of Maryland, the Woodlands would stretch for miles, within the woods were creeks of freshwater teaming with fish, the wildlife would make itself visible and when you spent time out there you would feel as though you merged with it, in some way, like you were part of the ecosystem and it was part of you.

My name is Michael, and I go to school with my best friend Jamie in a village called Dakota, every chance we get, we hang out at Dyson's creek, a mile distant from the village center. There is a small clearing by this creek, not too many come to this place. With Rods we catch fish, much to the praise of Mum, Dad, and my baby sister Katie. More...

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