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Frequently Asked Questions..
How far ahead can a reading forecast? Usually a reading will normally forecast up to three months as a general rule.

Can I change this future? Yes if I were telling you you were starting a new job, and
this gave you anxiety you could inadvertently destroy your chances at your interview for example!

Do I need weekly or monthly readings? No more than every three months, positive outlooks are good, but fixation is unhealthy.

Should I keep thinking about my question frequently after my reading?

Can I refund my reading if it doesn't come true? Most goods and services refunds take place within a period of 28 days, as you need to wait at least three months refunds are not possible unless the same fee has been deducted off your account twice, please see terms and conditions.

Do I need to leave the house for this reading? No, the report comes to you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Will this reading help me? Yes, information is good, its how you shed light on problems and move forward.

Do I need to send you something of mine? No your details are enough! They are something of yours!

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